Welcome Priyanka: New EP for Film & TV

Welcome Priyanka: New EP for Film & TV

We are delighted to welcome our new talent Priyanka Balasubramanian, who has worked on many notable films such as Total Recall, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Great Gatsby, The Martian and Kingsmen. Priyanka takes the role as Executive Producer at our London studios Film Division.

Commencing her career in Mumbai with Prime Focus and later moving to their offices in London, she was involved in a diverse range of VFX and stereoscopic conversion working closely with a global network of VFX groups.

She transitioned into work with boutique visual effects studios in London such as Baseblack and Bluebolt. "I like the ethos of smaller companies and great work such studios are able to bring to the table within the ever challenging and dynamic film industry", says Priyanka, "I believe in projects that foster partnerships with the global visual effects network."

On joining our team she says, “I strongly feel that the best way forward for the visual effects industry is to partner with like minded global visual effects teams and CCVFX was ticking all the boxes with their studios in soho and Istanbul. I have always believed in a business model that works across boundaries through my previous employment experiences and felt it has always worked best for projects that are stretched for time, resources and budgets. CCVFX are also actively venturing into emerging technologies like VR which was certainly an icing on top of the cake!"

When not working the wonders of VFX, Priyanka can be found cooking up delicious new vegetarian recipes and planning her ultimate dream to produce a Sci-Fi movie.

Thanks Priyanka and welcome to the fruity team!

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